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I could write about a number of things on my mind but here is what I survive on generally:

13th ave fried rice:

One carrot
Green onion
Any other vegetable you got!
2 eggs(cheaper at asian markets)
Rice roomates left in the rice cooker to rott.(Note: 2 days left to rott produces more desireable results)
Bottle of vegetarian oyster sauce
Pinch of sugar
Garlic powder

Heat oil in pan, shred(hard) carrot and fry till somewhat softer, or a little glassy. Crack eggs and scramble like there's a canine unit coming for your loins. When eggs are cooked add rice, leisurley add oyster sauce, a pinch of garlic powder and the sugar. Mix around reduce heat and fry. Add green onion. Stir and drink as much as you can. Serve and devour.

Voss's green eggs and DAMN'!
Corn tortillas
2 eggs
Left over green salsa from the taco truck
Trader joes verde sauce works too
Sketchy shredded cheese(sketchy cause I didn't buy it or you've never seen it before and its half gone)

Oil in pan, heat that shit
Tear corn tortillas into pieces like your heart was torn out when the girl you liked went for the most boring lame douchebag youeve ever seen in your life instead of you. Let your feelings simmer a bit, but add a shit ton of verde sauce first. When absorbed add the eggs and scramble. Sprinkle that cheese. Add maybe a dash more salsa but then serve over some conversation with mr coffee. Good with black beans too if you got them.

International blvd afraido-sauce

Can of parmasean cheese
Small saucepan
99 cent pasta

Cook pasta according to if its pokeable with a fork or it wiggles when you put on a chubby checker record. Strain and set aside. In sauce pan, melt a tablespoon of butter. Heat then add pinch of milk n stir. Then take your cheap ass canned cheese and pour while stirring. Pretty soon it will smell funky, and george clinton will show up at your house. Let thicken on super super low heat and toss pasta back in to coat. Eat with:

Hey, we have bread!

Canned cheese

Butter your slice of bread and add the parmasean cheese. Broil when makeing internation blvd afraido sauce. When vaguley crispy eat.

A few staples.

Apr. 24th, 2006

A friend has expressed interest in ressurecting my non profit group plan, but retooling it for more of a political thing then a musical thing(at first). That is fine/awesome with me, because I can't be independent, I am far too pessamistic,passive, and shy. We are going to get burritos and then have a meeting.... Our first objective will be to get a movie showing going. The aim I think will be to keep everything to the tri city area. Frankly, fuck doing anything in berkeley and san francisco. It is way to far, and for lack of a better word, pretty "Liberal" already. The suburbs are way more apathetic and I think it would do alot more good to stage everything here. We'll see how this pans out, but fuck it, I can dream, again. Here are a bunch of pictures from the past 2 weeks. Hella partying.

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This medicine sucks so bad, i am completley delerious and not in any good way. This medicine sucks.


WASHINGTON - John Glover Roberts Jr. became the 17th chief justice of the United States Thursday, overwhelmingly confirmed by the Senate to lead the Supreme Court through turbulent social issues for generations to come. The Senate voted 78-22 to confirm Roberts .. as the successor to the late William H. Rehnquist, who died earlier this month. All of the Senate's majority Republicans, and about half of the Democrats, voted for Roberts.

What the fuck?
The most rocking song ever shark attack is done.

Go listen to it at www.myspace.com/hyperkidz or hit me up on aim

its not thrash or hardcore or whatever sub genre, so never fear!!!!

Sponser me!

Im doing aids walk with sally, sponser me:


also, if you wanna walk, it'd be cool.... more company.

Don't get pregnant!!

It seems like in alot of communitys im in there is a post on contraceptives every couple of weeks. I know people may or may not have access to free clinics, or places to get free contraceptives, I think people can be privllaged and not realize it. Even so...... all these alternative methods, like raising the ph in a womans vagina with vitamin c...pull out method... these are not healthy or plausible ways to prevent pregnancy!.

Myths: http://www.mjbovo.com/Contracept/NO_Contracep.htm
General info: http://www.salisbury.edu/health/contraceptiveresources.htm
Emergency Contraception: http://ec.princeton.edu/

Don't get me wrong, im not anti sex(although my life is the ultimate contraceptive for me, my life being anti-sex...), just anti-human. word.
no longer a compulsive habit.

send erotic messages to: vikinlustmachine
send all n00dz to:uglyfang@yahoo.com

later lj.

for you local fremont-tarians

Shit McGuires(union city)
PDA (san lorenzo-leandro)
The Hyper Kidz(fremont)
Pretty Pretty Princess(short set of side project of hyper kidz members+ ones little sister)
Asphyxiated (san jose)
Genuine Draft Dodgers (antioch)
HITxTHATxSHIT (union city)
"donnys band" (union city)
peda (antioch)

Feb 19th 1 pm
2636 Crown Ct., Union City, CA 94587

Rain or Shine!!!

oh yeah. kylesa.

I'd really like to go see kylesa + other sludge at burnt ramen with someone on the 27th. I'll pay for you! word.